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HopeFire's Gm Application Empty HopeFire's Gm Application

Post  HopeFire on Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:39 pm

Name:Log in name HopeFire ((Real life name, Benjamin))
Timechart of playing Server:Maybe 2-5 Hours a Day.
Willing to help advertise server:Of course ^.^
When did you join the server:Just moment a go, I want to keep some servers up, and i trust this server will be awesome
Why are you applying:Because, i want to help People to host good MS servers, i belive this will be awesome.
What can you do to contribue:Well, i could help you keep watching ppl in case of hackers.
Name 5 GM Commands:
!shop Opens GM shop, accessed anywhere.
!equip Opens GM equip shop, accessed anywhere.
!clearshops Reloads shop database.
!cleardrops Reloads drop database, erasing all drops in the map.
!clearevents Reloads events.
Experiance: I have played MapleStory Privates and normal for years.
Hobbies:Fishing, Playing MS, Football,Basketball,Cycling..
Have you been a GM before? : Im sorry but not. I do have some experience being admin.
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HopeFire's Gm Application Empty Re: HopeFire's Gm Application

Post  [Owner]Nick on Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:29 am

Being the first to have a app. /Accepted. Btw, the commands !shop/!equip do not exist... It's !gmshop
Server is up for now.

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