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Light GM Application. Empty Light GM Application.

Post  Light on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:44 am

Georgina Jorge , Prefer you guys calling me Jorge or Light .
PS: My old nickname was Shadow.

15 , Date of birth 12/9/1996

Timechart of playing Server:(|Mon-5Hours|-|Tues-3Hours|-|Weds-Work(Cant)|-| And so on) :
Monday - 5-7 hours.
Tuesday - 5-7 hours
Wednesday - 6-8 hours.
Thursday - 6-9 hours
Friday - 4-5 hours
Saturday - 14 hours.
Sunday - 14 hours.

Willing to help advertise server:
Yes , It is because since I am a member of some advertising sites like MapleTalk , Mushroom-Shrine , Maple-Dev , Ragezone and others . I can help the server to advertise.

When did you join the server:
5th Nov 2011. I'll be dedicating my time in it tho.

Why are you applying:
I am applying because I believe in my self that I can help whichever server I played to improve and increase their popularity , I can improve the server by giving the players in game happiness , I will make fun , fair and challenging events to let the players compete with each other and get attractive prizes and I will also troll with players when needed , I will help players whenever a player requests help from me and every time I see a hacker , I would ban them with proofs shown.

What can you do to contribue:
- I can help the server to advertise.
- I can help the server to improve.
- I can catch hackers away.
- I can find common bugs.
- I can make fun , fair and challenging events.
- I will keep the players happy.
- I will keep the community clean.
- I will vote every 12 or 24 hours.

Name 5 GM Commands:
- !gmshop
- !item
- !search item
- !warp
- !event

[Owner]WaterFrontStory , Recently closed down due to financial problem and difficulty in coding.
[Game Master] KombatMS .
[Game Master] PerplexMS.
[Game Master] LostStory

Basketball and Swimming.

Have you been a GM before?
Yes , I guess this is the same question

There is no attachments here.
But if you wan't proof , You can add me @ innerstorygm@hotmail(dot)com and i'll show you proofs.


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