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[Beta] Welcome to PillowMS! Empty [Beta] Welcome to PillowMS!

Post  [Owner]Nick on Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:44 am

  • Hi and Welcome to PillowMS!
  • I love that you have came to join us on our adventure!
  • We are a v83 Server with rates, 1000EXP/100MESO/10DROP.
  • We are currently using Helios/PolarisMS Sources.

  • We are still in beta and need Coders and I would love to have a Host!!
  • Our APPS are still open. So while we are still new join now and get that job Wink.

  • We currently have v99 items WOO~! We have v99 mobs/items/maps and etc!!!

  • Sadly, we are being hosted with Hamachi by me. My timezone is PST+8.(California(SanDiego). And, my parents come in the middle of the night to turn off my PC...

  • Sadly. Only sometimes we can be 24/7. Unless we could get a hoster!

  • If anyone can host 24/7 and knows how to code. Can be my fellow Co-Owner.

  • Our Hamachi is PillowStory1-5. Password 123. After you joined our hamachi! Go > HERE< This is the mainwebsite. If link doesnt work. Click this to download the client

  • Here is the link to download Hamachi.
    Click this for Hamachi
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