Forum and Server Rules.(MUST READ)

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Forum and Server Rules.(MUST READ) Empty Forum and Server Rules.(MUST READ)

Post  [Owner]Nick on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:03 am

Forum Rules
1. No pornography or graphic nudity will be posted on the forum. As there is possible children who are playing.

2.Any kind of viruses posted will result in being banned. That be you telling the person its a virus or not.

3.Flaming members or anyone of the community will result in a infraction to a ban.

4.No advertising other private servers or anything of that.

5.Spamming is not allowed, Execpt in the Spam/Flame section. DO NOT flame about our server or you will recieve a infraction to a BAN.

6.Please do not bump posts that are older then 10 days.

7. Please remember to post your threads in the correct section. Recieving two warnings will result to infractions.

Server Rules
1.WZ Edits that modify gameplay for your benefits. Such as Avoiding hits and standing on invisible platforms are not allowed and will result in a ban. Small WZ Edits like Cosmetics are allowed.

2.Any form of hacking such as, DMG Hacking,Always avoid, Anti-Death will result in a ban. PARTYING WITH A HACKER WILL ALSO GET YOU BANNED.

3.Offending(Flaming,Trolling) a staff member(s) will result in a jail. More incidences will result on a ban. Unless the GM Allows you to talk to HIM/HER that way.

4.Packet editing will get you BANNED.

5.Scamming items/mesos/etc will get you banned, Victims will not be refunded.(Sorry)

6. Lost Items lost during a trade due to a full inventory or anything like that will not be compensated. This also applies to the rare events of rollbacks. Please do not ask the staff for compensation.

General Rules1.English is a must in the server(Sorry)

2.No flaming or trolling

3.No Hacking.Cheating.Advertising.


5.Respect other players. Do not discriminate against other members based on race, religion, or sexual orientation.

6.Do not impersonate staff. In any case, such as a joke,saying you will ban someone,or threats will not be tolerated. And will result from a Jail to BAN.

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Forum and Server Rules.(MUST READ) Empty Re: Forum and Server Rules.(MUST READ)

Post  Light on Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:48 am

You didn''t add
- No abusing of bugs , If you found a bug , report it to the staff team.

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